Mathematics for NEET

Is Mathematics needed for NEET?

It seems weird that for an exam which does not test Mathematics as a subject, why should a student study it. But diving deep into the matter, the subject holds great importance for every NEET aspirant!

Physics is such a nightmare for NEET aspirants, that if we look at the previous years qualified aspirants’ data, the least score on average is in Physics. This is a game- changer for smart aspirants who with the right mindset and studying would focus on Physics and ace the exam. Now, looking at the syllabus for Physics and a substantial chunk of Chemistry (Physical and Inorganic), we notice that a good number of concepts are based on Mathematical ideas and deriving. In some way or the other, an aspirant would utilize the base concepts of Algebra, calculus, trigonometry etc. while solving these questions.

At its core, Mathematics helps to improve the analytical abilities and raise the IQ levels of an aspirant. One of the key requirements for cracking any competition exam is the ability to think outside the syllabus. The examiner tries to trick you and indulge you into long trains of thoughts but amidst this cloud of confusion, the way to power through is by thinking logically and rationally. That is the power of learning Mathematics.

As the saying goes, winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently. Having a firm grasp on basic Mathematical concepts can indeed be a big stepping stone to cracking NEET!