We Never compromise on Quality. Our Penchant and the pursuit of Quality is evident in our activities, in all our actions, at all times, everywhere.

Best Faculty

At FIITJEE MEDICAL you get a Large pool of competent Faculty for all the Subjects

FIITJEE MEDICAL boasts of competent & committed faculty for all the core Subjects who are trained to be True Gurus – guiding Students throughout their journey. FIITJEE MEDICAL’s system driven approach ensures that even if a faculty leaves, FIITJEE MEDICAL has an equally or even more competent faculty to fill in his / her shoes.


At FIITJEE MEDICAL, you get to study in an optimum Batch size

FIITJEE MEDICAL stringently focuses on maintaining an ideal Student- Teacher ratio which not only guarantees personalized attention to each Student but also paves way for a healthy and Interactive learning environment.


We strongly believe in the fact that the environment in which a Student studies is equally important for effective learning. We ensure our Students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper Classrooms to keep them stress-free.


At FIITJEE MEDICAL, a Unique Teaching Methodology is followed that focuses on empowering Students to Excel in any exam irrespective of the pattern.

FIITJEE MEDICAL doesn’t rely on a certain set questions but keeps on introducing new and different questions from time to time for early exposure among Students. This pattern proof teaching helps Students to be well prepared in advance to face any type of questions and to ace any exam irrespective of the pattern of the exam.

Other unique aspects of our Teaching Methodology include

Making own questions, Teaching a topic by the students and Test Analysis sessions


At FIITJEE MEDICAL you get competitive peers who bring out the best in you

FIITJEE MEDICAL’s classrooms have an air of competitiveness around it. You study among the best peers who constantly want to outperform each other. This streak of healthy competitiveness motivates you to perform better and eventually you surpass your own potential.