Smart Strategies to Clear 12th Boards with Flying Colours

Studying in class 12th? If yes then you must be focused on attaining 90% or above marks in your board exams, aren’t you? Scoring high in board exams is not a giant task. It is all about creating smart strategies to study and practice. This blog will reveal the best strategies that will help you in clearing your 12th boards with flying colours.

  1. Glue to your syllabus- The foremost strategy is to remain glued to your syllabus. Many students overlook what’s there in their textbooks, instead start cramming all the other reference books. Remember, the question paper is set from the syllabus of your book. Do not underestimate the syllabus books, as they are your key to clear the boards with brilliant marks. However, after you are done studying the textbooks, you can always refer to the reference books to gain more knowledge.
  2. Do strength-weakness analysis- It is highly significant to analyse what your weaknesses and strengths are. Only when you will know your weaknesses, you will be able to work on it and turn it into your strength. For instance, many students study well for the exams but still scoreless due to their bad handwriting. So, if you have this weakness then you better start working on your handwriting, if not 100% then at least you can try for 60% to make it better.
  3. Practice sample papers and previous years’ questions- You must practice sample papers to get an idea of more and more questions. Believe it or not, previous years’ questions will give you a real insight into how the question paper is set. You can choose to attempt the last 5 years’ questions and trust us if you have attempted them all correctly, you are sure to score above 90% in board exams. Thus, Practice sample papers and previous years’ questions as much as you can.
  4. Manage time and write smart- You get three hours to complete a board exam. Those 180 minutes can either make you a topper or a failure. It’s all about how you manage your time. Even if you’ve studied well but are unable to attempt the full question paper, you will lose marks. So, the strategy here is to attempt all the 5 or higher mark questions first with full concentration and leave the others for the end. Even if you are running short of time in the end, you can still perform 1 mark and 2 marks questions but not the lengthier ones. So, manage your time well.
  5. Stay calm, don’t panic- Last but not least, you should not panic right before your exam. There are chances that you will forget all that you learnt if you go to a state of anxiety. Throughout your exam preparation, you can always give yourself a 15-minute session of meditation to keep your mind cool and relaxed. Take a deep breath, RELAX. You will do it!
  6. Thus, it’s the time that you should stick to these aforesaid smart strategies and clear your board exams with flying colours. All the very best!