Innovation is the essence at FIITJEE Medical. ZENITH & OPTIMA Programs are already revolutionizing school education. We are the pioneers in designing a specific Diagnostic Test to test the temperament and potential of a Student for NEET. The Student’s score in this test helps us to judge his / her potential in the beginning itself along with the level of input required for his / her success. This makes our Classroom Programs exceptionally effective, as we know in advance, the unique level of input needed for each Student. FIITJEE is the only institute in India that has the capability to predict the most accurate Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI) of a Student & constantly encourage its Students to emulate them.

Goal Oriented Learning and Development

Every student joining FIITJEE Medical for first goes through a Goal setting process. Thereafter periodic mapping of performance and goal is done to ensure the student achieves his/her goal. The whole process is done through an online platform, which has been designed in house keeping the needs of the students

Success Guaranty Challenge

Our confidence in our teaching methodology have inspired us to believe that any student attending all our classes, attempting all the assignments given and following our instruction will achieve their desired success. Otherwise, we will refund fees to the student

Pattern Proof And Scientifically Designed Study Material

FIITJEE Medical has always been preparing Students in a fundamental way. The study materials have been designed in a comprehensive way so that Students have a sound understanding of fundamental concepts & get ample practice with all types of problems. This ensures that our students do well in all exams irrespective of pattern, be it NEET, Boards, NTSE, KVPY or Olympiads.

Test Analysis

Another initiative pioneered by FIITJEE in the domain of Competitive exam coaching. Tests give the students a proper feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. However, if a test is not analyzed the very purpose of the test is lost. FIITJEE believes test analysis even more important than the test itself. FIITJEE Medical test analysis sessions and reports help the students to take immediate corrective measures

Concept Wise Tracking- Complete digital mechanism

It is very important to have a complete clarity of what a student knows and what he/she doesn’t know. This grid with all concepts listed helps students to monitor their progress. Also, the teachers can analyse and give the necessary support to the students.


Mathematics though not a part of NEET exam, it becomes important in learning Physics and Chemistry. FIITJEE Medicals unique Maths for Medical course plugs the loophole which most students preparing for Medical entrance exam faces.