is a MUST for every NEET Aspirant

06th February 2022

The NEET MERIT SCHOLARSHIP TEST will assess students’ potential specific to NEET. The student’s performance will be analyzed scientifically by benchmarking the difficulty level of the question paper and then mapping it with the historic data, extrapolating to predict the possible score in NEET.

For many of you, aspiring to become a doctor, this can be the right starting point as NMST will give you a roadmap for sure success in NEET.

Why it is a MUST to take the NEET MERIT SCHOLARSHIP TEST for every NEET Aspirant?

Most Accurate & Credible NEET Potential Assessment

We will analyze your performance in the test by scientifically benchmarking the difficulty level of the question paper and mapping it with the historic data, thereby, we shall extrapolate to predict the possible score in NEET provided you maintain the current learning pace and efforts.

Know your Scope of Improvement

Insight on your performance will be given by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to take corrective measures. All test takers will also have an opportunity to discuss their performance in detail in a personalized Goal Setting session, which will give them a roadmap for sure success in NEET.

Know your Current Standing

You will have a chance to compete with thousands of students across demographics beyond your known peer group. This will give you a true picture of what you need to do to ace NEET.

Unparalleled Recognition

No one recognizes merit as FIITJEE does. Students proving their mettle will be recognized with

Student Awards- The best-performing students will be rewarded with Cash Rewards (Up to ₹ 100000/-), Medals & Certificates
Students can win Scholarships (Up to 100% on all fee heads) by joining a FIITJEE Medical Program through NMST.

Further, a FIITJEE Medical student can win more than ₹ 1 Crore through FIITJEE Medical’s Reward Policy.


FIITJEE Medical has instituted rewards up to ₹50 Lakhs for achievement in various competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, and NEET.

FIITJEE Medical Test Series – Free of Cost

As a special gesture to students taking NMST, the FIITJEEE Medical Test Series (FMTS) & Junior Medical Test Series (JMTS) will be offered free of cost, irrespective of they join the FIITJEE Medical program or not.
Note: FMTS & JMTS together is worth ₹ 10000/- and is exclusively reserved only for FIITJEE Medical students.



Success Guarantee Challenge*

More than 95% of our students qualify NEET. This unparalleled achievement of our students has given us the confidence to launch the success guarantee challenge. If a student attends all our classes (barring absenteeism due to medical emergencies), takes all our tests, and follows the guidelines given, we guarantee the NEET Rank range predicted for the student. Else, we will teach the student for another year free of cost / return the tuition fee

* Terms & conditions applied. Please meet our counselor to know in detail

Proven track record

From the beginning, FIITJEE Medical students have proven their mettle at all National level Competitive exams. Since the inception of NEET, more than 33% of our students have secured an MBBS seat compared to only 4% Nationally.

Scholarships & Cash Rewards

NEET MERIT SCHOLARSHIP TEST is instituted to recognize the meritorious NEET aspirants by providing them with an opportunity to win Scholarships up to 100% (On all Fee heads).

Lowest Fee

Lowest fee for the academic year. Fee in subsequent admission tests will increase.

Take your NEET Preparation to a New Height with

Amalgamated NEET Program

FIITJEE’s Ideal School Education Philosophy

FIITJEE’s three decades of expertise in education are manifested in FGS. Academic excellence to imbibing the Indian culture, all under one roof. A stress-free environment for holistic growth.

State of Art Infrastructure

Airconditioned buses and classrooms, Professional sports facilities, Grand libraries, world-class auditorium, and much more.

Lifetime Scholarship Badge

Based on the Performance of the student in the NEET MERIT SCHOLARSHIP TEST, the student will be offered a “Scholarship Badge” which will be valid throughout his/her schooling. These Scholarship Badges range up to 100%.

No Extra Cost for NEET training

Gone are the days of separate school and coaching. The NEET training is embedded in the school framework. The curriculum is streamlined to reduce stress and extra burden on students. Further, there is no extra charge for it.

Special Privileges

When it comes to grooming toppers, FGS is the best. The toppers of the NEET MERIT SCHOLARSHIP TEST will be offered the “Sushruta” badges which will entitle them to special privileges in the school.

Residential facility

Curated Hostels (to cater to the varied needs of students) and Full Boarding with comfortable facilities are available. Students are provided with nutritious food, Sports facilities for recreation, and Monitored study hours with faculty guidance for academic excellence.

Important Details

ELIGIBILITY Students Presently studying in Class VIII, IX, X, and XI
Test Date 06th February 2022

Test Date Last date to register Eligibility Result declaration Date Enrollment Date
06th February 2022 04th February 2022 Class VIII, IX, X & XI 16th February 2022 19th February
06th March 2022

(Register through the Registration Chatbot present at the bottom right corner of the home page of

or give a missed call at +91 95137 45202

The Test will be in offline mode. In a situation where offline test is not possible, it will be converted into a proctored online test.


For students Presently in Class VIII

PHYSICS 1. Force and Pressure 2. Friction 3. Sound
CHEMISTRY 1. Synthetic Fibres & Plastics 2. Metals and Non-metals 3. Coal and Petroleum
BIOLOGY 1. Crop Production & Management 2. Microorganism 3. Conservation of plants & Animals 4. Cell Structure & function
1. Rational numbers 2. Square, Square roots 3. Cube & Cube roots 4. Linear Equation in one variable

For students Presently in Class IX

PHYSICS 1. Motion 2. Force and Laws of motion 3. Gravitation
CHEMISTRY 1. Matter in our surroundings 2. Is matter around us pure 3. Atoms, molecules, and mole concept
BIOLOGY 1. Improvement in food Resources 2. Cell: The fundamental unit of life 3. Tissues
1. Number system, Indices and Surds 2. Polynomials 3. Lines & Angles 4. Triangles

For students Presently in Class X

PHYSICS 1. Electricity 2. Magnetic Effect of Current 3. Sources of energy 4. Ray Optics
CHEMISTRY 1. Chemical reactions and Equations 2. Acid, Base, and salts 3. Metals and non-metals 4. Carbon and its compounds
BIOLOGY 1. Nutrition & Respiration 2. Transportation & Excretion 3. Control & Coordination

For students Presently in Class XI

PHYSICS 1. Physical World and Measurements 2. Vectors 3. Kinematics 4. Laws of motion 5. Work Energy & Power 6. Conservation of Momentum 7. Rotational Mechanics
CHEMISTRY 1. Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry 2. Atomic Structure 3. Classification of Elements and Periodic Properties 4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5. State of Matter 6. Redox Reaction & Stoichiometry 7. Organic Chemistry: Some basic Principles and Techniques 8. Hydrogen and Its compound
BIOLOGY 1. Living World & Biological classification 2. Plant Kingdom 3. Morphology of Flowering Plant 4. Anatomy of flowering Plants 5. Animal Kingdom 6. Cell -the unit of life, Cell cycle and Cell division 7. Digestion & Absorption

Sample Papers

Class 8 Sample Paper
Class 9 Sample Paper
Class 10 Sample Paper
Class 11 Sample Paper

Test Centres

Tamil Nadu: Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy

Kerala: Kochi