is neet a difficult exam


Difficult is a relative term, the same exam may be easy and difficult both for different set of students. Academically, difficulty of a question paper can be determined only when it is attempted. Various factors like the level of questions, number of question and pattern can change the absolute difficulty level. However, when it is asked whether a particular entrance exam is difficult or not, we are speaking of perception. Perceptions may not always give the real picture. If we talk about NEET as a Test is perceived difficult or not, undoubtedly everyone would agree it is a very challenging exam.

Let’s look into the reasons why NEET is perceived as a Difficult exam

  1. The Competition.
    The sheer volume of students aspiring for the limited number of medical seats makes the success rate to an intimidating low value. For example, total MBBS intake in the country is 78,333 and BDS intake is 26773 and total number of students registered in NEET (UG) 2020 was 1597433 (Compared 1519375 in NEET 2019) making the possible Success Rate to be around 6.5%. But, in practice the success rate would vary from state to state and will be much lesser due to state reservations.
  2. Test Pattern
    The NEET pattern needs 180 Objective questions to be answered in 180 minutes. In these 180 questions, 45 are form Physics, 45 from Chemistry and 90 from Biology. Apparently, it boils down to 1 question per minute, but the equation is not so simple as it involves multiple subject requiring different skill sets to answer the questions. For example, Physics, considered the most difficult among the three, needs higher analytical and mathematical skills, whereas, Biology, requires quicker retrieving ability.
  3. Time Factor
    The most important factor which makes NEET look difficult is the Time factor. The number of questions expected to be answered is just too many within the short span of time. Where in JEE Main (for Engineering) requires 75 questions to be answered in 180 minutes, it is 180 questions in 180 minutes for NEET and this also included the question reading time. Thus, ability of a student to save time in one segment and invest in another becomes a key factor.
  4. Vastness of Syllabus The syllabus of NEET includes the full NCERT syllabus of Class XI and XII of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Which means a NEET aspirant must be well versed with almost 100 chapters during the test. Further, Major Portions of Biology being Memory based, becomes more challenging task as it requires repeated revisions.
  5. Negative Marking
    Unlike School/Board exams, where marks are given on steps and students are not penalized for incorrect answers, NEET is objective oriented with a marking scheme of +4 marks for correct answer and -1 for incorrect answer. This marking scheme further makes the test more challenging. It requires a student to select the questions to answer properly.
  6. Every Mark Counts
    In competitive exams, even one mark can make difference of hundreds or even thousands of ranks. Please take a look at the table given below

    Marks in NEET 2020 (Out of 720) All India Rank (AIR) in NEET 2020 Drop in NEET AIR Average number of Ranks lost for every 1 mark less secured
    710 10    
    700 90 10 marks less secured, AIR goes down by 80 ranks 8 All India Ranks
    691 230 9 marks less secured, AIR goes down by 140 ranks 15 All India Ranks
    680 676 11 marks less secured, AIR goes down by 446 ranks 41 All India Ranks
    650 3812 30 marks less scored, AIR goes down by 3136 ranks 105 All India Ranks
    630 8644 20 marks less scored, AIR goes down by 4832 ranks 242 All India Ranks
    600 20417 30 marks less scored, AIR goes down by 9440 ranks 315 All India Ranks
    551 47948 49 marks less scored, AIR goes down by 27531 ranks 562 All India Ranks
    451 130369 100 marks less scored, AIR goes down by 82691 ranks 827 All India Ranks

    Thus, we can see every mark is very Important.

Does the above factor make NEET difficult?

Apparently yes. But the actual difficulty depends on the actual paper. When Previous years NEET question papers are analysed, it is found that except physics (In 2020 it was also easy), the questions had been conceptual but easy (to moderate). Any student with a decent preparation could solve almost the entire question paper correctly. Then why students in so large number fail to secure good score?

Let us first understand that difficulty level of a question paper has very little to do with the actual rank achieved. The ranks are based on relative score, hence, if a paper is easy, its easy for all and similarly if it is difficult it is difficult for all.

Then how is the difference created? Apart from the academic preparedness, the difference comes in the competitive spirit, time management & exam temperament of a candidate. These traits can be achieved only through focused and dedicated preparation under the right guide.

That’s why we say NEET is not difficult but it is DIFFERENT.

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