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Admission cum Scholarship Test Date: 10th July 2022

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For Students appearing in Class X Board Exam (NEET 2024 Aspirants)



Why FIITJEE Medical is going to be the RIGHT CHOICE for NEET Preparation?

Who Should Appear?

  1. Students who were earlier indecisive about their choice of the stream but have now decided to aim for Medicine as a career.
  2. Students who have decided to prepare for NEET from the best coaching institute and are just waiting for their Board exams to get over.
  3. Students who are extremely passionate about their dream to study in the best medical colleges of India.

Then FMTSE is the right platform for you to accomplish your aspirations.

FMTSE is going to help you in your preparation for NEET?

Discover Yourself

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your potential for NEET. FMTSE is designed to evaluate NEET specific objects like Speed, Accuracy, Time management, Comprehending ability & Analytical ability.

Channelize Yourself

Get an insight into your strengths and weaknesses in a personalized GOAL SETTING session with our expert. We will help you in creating a roadmap to bridge the gap between your current preparedness and your aspiration specific to NEET.

Treat Your Talent

Treat your Talent with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP & CASH REWARDS. Based on your performance in FMTSE, you have an opportunity to get a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for a FIITJEE Medical program and CASH Rewards up to ₹ 5 Lakhs.

Prepare Yourself without Stress

NEET is a competitive exam that requires very intense preparation. Such focused preparation brings in its associated stress. FIITJEE Medical’s GOLD* Teaching methodology ensures stress is minimized.

* Goal Oriented Learning & Development

A Never Before Opportunity comes along your way! Only by registering for FIITJEE MEDICAL TALENT SEARCH EXAM, you stand the chance to experience our unique Teaching methodology much before appearing in the Test. Come, be a part of a 1-day Free Academic Session (to be held in offline mode) with our distinguished panel of faculty members where you will get an insight into your potential to tread the path of JEE journey. Get in touch with your respective FIITJEE Centre to know the details


Test Date Registration fee Last date to register Result Declaration Enrolment window
10th July 2022 Rs 350/- (Including GST) 08th July 2022 20th July 2022 22nd July to 29th July 2022

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Eligibility: All students appearing in Class X Board Exam (Aspiring for NEET 2024 as primary GOAL, also aiming KVPY as major milestone)

The result will be available on

Test Schedule and Pattern

Class Date & Time Pattern & Marking Scheme
X 03rd July 2022;
09:00 to 12:00 hrs
Paper I: Objective Paper (150 Questions- 3hrs): 600 marks
Section I: Aptitude (25 Questions): +4 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer; 0 in all other cases
Section II: Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology (20 Questions each): +4 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer; 0 in all other cases
Section III: Physics, Chemistry & Biology (15 Questions each): +4 for a correct answer, 0 in all other cases
03rd July 2022;
14:00 to 17:00 hrs
Paper-II: Objective paper (180 Questions):720 Marks
Section 1: 90 questions of Biology (+4 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer; 0 in all other cases)
Section 2: 45 questions of Physics (+4 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer; 0 in all other cases)
Section 3: 45 questions of Chemistry (+4 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer; 0 in all other cases)

Programs Available

Zenith- Two-year integrated Program for Boards, KVPY & NEET

Synchronized study of XII Boards and National Level Scholastic Exams like Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) along with the focus on NEET.

Pacemaker- 2year Classroom Program for Boards, KVPY & NEET

Focused preparation for NEET and National Level Scholastic Exams like Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) along with inputs for XII Boards.

Please meet our counsellors to know in detail about the program structure. Our counsellors will help you to make the right program selection.

Academic Cult Metamorphosis

Academic Cult Metamorphosis is the process of the complete transformation of a student’s academic abilities by increasing their thinking ability, learning speed, retention power, problem-solving speed, and scoring ability.


We believe, that in the success of a student it is 90% a student’s contribution, 5% of the parents, and 5% of the teachers. Our vision is to produce extraordinary results by influencing the 90% contribution put in by students and 5% contribution put in by parents.

The Pedagogy

The four pedagogical pillars of Academic Cult Metamorphosis are

  1. LEARN : Effective learning process is the foundation for success in competitive exams. Our Academic Cult Metamorphosis process ensures learning happens at multiple stages and levels.
  2. PRACTICE : It is imperative that extensive practice is required in preparation for NEET. A huge bank of more than 100000 questions divided into different levels ensures students get ample practice. Monitoring the assignments done and assessing concept-wise strengths and weaknesses is a part of the Academic cult metamorphosis process.
  3. TEST : Tests act as the closure of a concept/topic/chapter in the academic cult metamorphosis process. It helps students and teachers to understand the current standing and plan further.
  4. Analyze : Analysis helps reconcile, revise, and reinforce the concepts. An analysis is a very important pedagogical pillar in the Academic cult metamorphosis process.

Potential Identification & Goal Setting

Every student has a different starting point and thus has varied needs in preparation for NEET. We acknowledge that and find out current potential at the beginning of the course. We are the only institute to establish and implement a Goal setting process for every student studying with us. It helps the teachers to understand the students better and bring in more personalization. It also helps the students and parents know the progress vis-a-vis the set goal.

Concept-wise Curriculum

The whole course has been designed with individual concepts as basic units. The four pedagogical pillars (LEARN, PRACTICE, TEST, and ANALYSE) are implemented at the concept level. It helps students to master every concept.

Intensive Teaching

Focused on the NEET syllabus, our teachers dive deep into the concepts. Covering every minutest detail prepares students for those fact-based questions. Explaining the concepts deeply helps students to confidently take the tricky application-based questions of NEET.

Effective Doubt Removal Sessions

Doubts are the biggest stumbling block in effective preparation for any competitive exams. Most students are unable to make the maximum of their potential as they lose a lot of time struggling with their doubts in absence of a quick and effective remedial. In the process of Academic cult metamorphosis, doubt removal is given its due importance.

Concept-wise, Chapter-wise & Phase-wise Closure

A cycle of Learn, Practice, Test, and Analyse ensures a proper closer. We ensure that this cycle is repeated for every concept, every chapter, and is done periodically in every phase.

Concept-wise Tracking

The digital monitoring system enables the teacher, the student, and the parent to keep a track of progress in every concept.

PTM, Feedback, and Redressal

Parent Teachers Meetings and Feedback system work as a two-way interactive channel between the parents and the teachers. It helps in quick redressal thereby strengthening the system and resulting in better services.

Why FIITJEE Medical is going to be the RIGHT CHOICE for NEET Preparation?


96% of FIITJEE Medical students have qualified in NEET since 2017!

FIITJEE Medical has consistently produced top State Rankers in NEET Hundreds of Ex FIITJEE Medical Students are Studying in Government Medical Colleges.

And not just NEET, we have been consistently producing excellent results in Boards, KVPY, NTSE, and even JEE.

Our detailed results can be seen at

What do these achievements mean to you?

  1. If you want to bring out the best in you, FIITJEE Medical is the only place.
  2. Your chances of success and a high rank are best with FIITJEE Medical.
  3. If you are not studying at FIITJEE Medical, then you are missing a lot.
  4. You will get to study with the best & brightest minds.

How have we made our Programs perfect for NEET preparation?

With lot of Research and through discussions with thousands of NEET Qualifiers/Aspirants, we identified the areas where they faced problem/facing problem while preparing for NEET. We worked and found solutions to their problems and incorporated in our system. Most of the institutes in NEET Coaching either don’t have these features or are not effectively implemented.

Immersive Teaching (Designed for NEET)

The major challenge faced by students preparing for NEET is the lack of proficient teachers. Teaching for NEET requires specific skillsets like a) Conceptual teaching rather than superficial teaching as among fact-based questions, many questions of NEET aim to test deep understanding of concepts. b) Teaching between the lines to make students realize how questions can be framed from the textbook. c) Teaching by interlinking concepts which helps in solving multi-concept-based questions. d) Creating concept recall points with anecdotes, mind maps, actual questions of NEET, etc. e) Choosing the right set of examples while teaching and many more tips and tricks to maximize performance in NEET.

Concept as Unit

Our interaction with students showed that in most of the NEET Preparatory institutes, concepts are taught superficially without any focused concept-based assessment. We implemented the Academic Cult Metamorphosis process to ensure that every concept is Learned, Practiced, Tested, and Analysed. Concept-wise tracking helps students to reinforce their weak areas.

Practice Questions

Insufficient and irrelevant practice questions were another problem highlighted by students. We took it on a very serious note and prepared a validated question bank of more than 1 Lakh questions. We made a process to report errors and periodic validations thus, ensuring a very high degree of accuracy. Apart from questions in the study material, we provide students with a tab with topic-wise assignments enabling us to digitally monitor and track students’ progress. Master assignments, Workbooks, NEET & AIPMT archives, etc are some other quality question sources given to the students.

Personalized Attention

Batches with hundreds of students are a norm in most of the NEET preparatory institutes. Through our interaction with students, we understood the difficulty of the students studying in large batches. a) Teachers are unable to monitor the students effectively b) Students find difficulty in asking doubts c) Teachers cannot see the working of students d) a Lot of disturbance decreases the efficacy of the class.

By making smaller batch sizes and effective training of teachers we have eliminated these problems. Our objective is to cater to a small group of students but creates excellence.

Concept Recall

While analyzing the problems faced by students in NEET, we found many students could not answer a question because they could not recall the right concept at the right time. As the syllabus is vast it is difficult for a student to remember everything. But in NEET, the average response time per question is 01 minute, including reading time. After a deep thought process, our experts have developed a concept recall framework that helps students to retrieve the right concept at a much faster rate.

Doubt Removal

Unresolved doubts are the major stumbling blocks in preparation for NEET. We take this activity very seriously. Our smaller batch size helps to cater to individual doubts during the class. Further, regular dedicated doubt removal sessions help the students to effectively clear all their doubts.

Maths for Medical

During our research, we found that NEET aspirants who did not have mathematics in Class XI & XII found the questions of physics & chemistry mathematically difficult. Though mathematics is not tested in NEET, it is essential to overcome the mathematical challenges of physics & chemistry. We have designed our maths for medical specifically to suit the needs of NEET aspirants by concentrating mostly on those concepts which would be useful for them to solve the problems of physics and chemistry.

Faculty Care

The student-teacher relationship is a vital element of one’s learning curve. Many students find that their teachers were not approachable. We made student interaction a part of our faculty training program. Further, student mentoring & deep analysis sessions ensure teachers interact with each student in a one-to-one interaction.

Speed and Accuracy

Solving one question per minute can be very challenging, especially when the syllabus is so vast as that of NEET. It is required that students have a high speed with accuracy in solving the questions. Therefore, we transformed our practice questions into time-bound digital assignments to ensure better time management and to let students practice on speed and accuracy. The tests are designed to ensure that students get enough practice in the NEET format. Rapid tests help students to improve their speed of solving questions.


  • Note 1: To be eligible for Scholarship and Cash Rewards Students must appear in both the Papers (Paper 1 & Paper 2) and must also score above the minimum cut-off marks in each Subject (Subject total of both papers) to become eligible for making into the merit list.
  • Note 2: The quantum of scholarship and the head on which it is given will be mentioned in the admission offer letter.
  • Note 3: The Cash rewards & scholarships will be given in 8 equal Instalments in 2 years only on joining a FIITJEE Medical Program
  • Note 4: The final discretion of awarding the scholarship will remain with the FIITJEE Medical management and their decision will be final and binding on the student.
  • Note 5: A Student who will be eligible for but has already been awarded scholarships before by FIITJEE/FIITJEE Medical will not be eligible for any further scholarship. However, they can appear in the test to evaluate their current level of preparation.
  • Note 6: Students already enrolled in any FIITJEE Medical Program are eligible to appear in this Test. However, they will not be eligible for the scholarship & Cash rewards to be given through this test.
  • Note 7 (a): The registered office of FIITJEE is in New Delhi. All disputes and differences of any nature whatsoever shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Management of FIITJEE Ltd. The Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and Statutory modification thereof and rules made thereunder. The award of the Arbitrator shall be final & binding. It is further agreed that although the Sole Arbitrator may be known to any of the Directors or shareholders or may have been appointed as an arbitrator earlier by the company shall not disqualify him. Even if the Arbitrator may have expressed an opinion in a similar matter earlier shall also not render him disqualified. The seat of the Arbitration will be New Delhi / Delhi.
  • Note 7 (b): Subject to Note 7 (a) hereinabove, the exclusive jurisdiction in the matter shall vest in New Delhi / Delhi Courts only