Biology High Score

How Biology can be a saving grace for Students aiming for a high score in NEET?

In this Pandemic scenario, we are often reminded that Doctors are akin to Soldiers as they are now waging a relentless war against the Covid-19 Pandemic. Students all over India who dream about becoming doctors have to compete and clear the NEET conducted by NTA in order to make their dreams come true. NEET focuses on 3 main subjects which are Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Every year more than 10-15 lakhs of students appear for the NEET exam testing their knowledge and ability to excel, to procure 1 lakh seats in different medical and dental colleges across the country. This in itself shows the humongous level of competition that medical aspirants undergo right from the start of their NEET Preparation.

Biology deals with the science of life & is one of the most important facets of Science from which different sub-sciences branch out making inroads on their own.

Biology literally has the weightage of half the marks in the NEET exam and also is comparatively an easy subject to score and enhance your overall performance in NEET. Therefore, it is mandatory that all students who aim to procure a high score must score above 300 in the Biology section of NEET.

A question often arises in the minds of students. Is it possible to score above 300 out of 360 in Biology section of NEET? Yes, it is quite possible. After meticulously understanding the exam patterns followed in NEET exam by going through the past year papers, we have devised a few tips that students can follow diligently to ensure performance par excellence in Biology with relevance to NEET.

Tips for Acing the Biology section

1. NCERT Text material is the Bible for Biology:

The NCERT Biology Text Book material s given for Class 11 & Class 12 books are extremely important for you to score exceptionally well in the Biology section of NEET. All important concepts are explained in simple terminology & It is quite evident from our analysis of past year question papers that majority of the questions were based on the NCERT Text book of which some questions were directly & some were indirect questions but based on NCERT concepts. It is quite important for Students to read the chapters of Both Class 11th & Class 12th NCERT textbook number of times to ensure clarity and thoroughness. Diagram based Questions in NEET can be quite tricky, so it becomes quite an important venture to study and practice each and every labelled diagram from NCERT Text content.

Though students need to make use of their Text material for a thorough preparation, they can also prepare their own mind maps, short notes, flashcards & flowcharts based on their NCERT textbook in order to help in getting a thorough insight on to various topics. During the time of revision, these short notes would be quite helpful to ensure Students cover important concepts in short duration.

2. Identify Important Chapters with more weightage:

Students need to be aware of important topics from which more number of questions would be asked in NEET. After a thorough and intensive analysis of past NEET papers, we can imply that Chapters like Human Physiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Bimolecular,Biotechnology,Plant Physiology and Ecology are some of most important topics from which majority of questions have been frequently asked in this competitive exam. Students need to devote more time in preparing these chapters thoroughly. Hand-picking important topics will ensure that students spend their time effectively to ensure detailed understanding of these topics.

3. Practice regular Mock tests:

After thorough preparation of NEET Syllabus, it is mandatory for students to write many mock practice tests at different stages of their preparation as it will help in evaluating their preparation level and improve their score. A thorough test analysis after each mock practice test is very important as it will help students to identify their weaker areas after which thorough practice on those weak concepts which would ensure enhanced performance in future practice tests.

4. Practice NEET Previous Year papers

It is important for Students to solve NEET previous year papers to get a thorough understanding of the exam pattern & also get an insight into the time constraints that Students would face in the actual NEET exam. Students should ensure that they practice at least 10 papers from previous years and to analyze the frequently asked questions from different chapters which would ensure an excellent and thorough preparation before the actual exam. Self evaluation and thorough understanding of these papers would also boost the morale and confidence of students.

5. Practice makes Perfect

NEET is a high scoring exam so it is not enough for students to just learn the concepts but they not to thoroughly revise and practice these concepts in an efficient manner. It is necessary for students to make a daily study plan as well as a weekly study plan for completing all the topics well and revise them many times to ensure excellent performance in Biology section of NEET

By following these simple tips Students can maximize their potential to score very high marks in the Biology section thereby ensuring that they reach an overall good total score to ensure a seat in some of the most prestigious Medical colleges all over India to pursue their Medical Academia.

Associate Professor,
Department of Biology