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Study Centres: Chennai, Coimbatore and Kochi

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Your Potential specific to NEET


Your subject-wise Strengths and weaknesses


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The roadmap to your success in NEET


Unmatched Academic Benefits

will set you on a course for extraordinary growth in terms of your ability to evaluate your potential, present capability & real inclinations. It’s your crucial diagnostic tool to help transform your Career & Life.

In case, you are aspiring for AIIMS, JIPMER, CMC-Vellore & other Top Medical Colleges in India then FIITJEE’s Big Bang Edge Test (MEDICAL) can put you on the path to achieving what you set out to achieve through FIITJEE Medical’s Iconic & Life Changing Classroom Programs / Integrated School Programs. As analytical skills are vital for success in any career & life itself, hence in FIITJEE’s Big Bang Edge Test, you will have a golden chance to evaluate your Analytical skills, IQ & Aptitude for all the above-mentioned exams and various other Careers.


To get the best preparation for NEET through our Mentored Batches

SMALL Batch Size, BIG Success

The Special Mentored batches will ensure Personalized attention is given to you and work microscopically on your strengths and weaknesses.

LIMITED Seats, UNLIMITED Opportunities

The number of seats in these batches is limited and will be given on a First come, First Served basis. But those who get the seats, go through a complete Academic Cult Metamorphosis process. Not only NEET but you will be enabled to compete and excel in other competitive exams.

Start Early, Beat the Competition

The Batches formed through BBE(Medical) will commence their classes from December 2023 itself. This will help you to gain an edge over others who start late.

Note: Students presently studying in classes VIII, IX & XI will get early joining benefits. Please check the Early joining benefit section for details.



As you are aware, every FIITJEE Test is also a Scholarship Test. Therefore, based on your potential & present capabilities as demonstrated in our Test, we will give you Scholarships & Fee Waivers as a support to recognise the genius in you.

FIITJEE’s recognition of the genius, the commitment, and motivation in you goes much beyond giving you Fee Waivers for a course at FIITJEE.

FIITJEE gives astronomical sums as Cash Rewards to its Students for registering notable success in NEET, Olympiads, XII Board, NTSE & Jr. Science Olympiads. For details, visit the nearest FIITJEE Medical Study Centre and collect your copy of Reward Brochure or download it from


Scholarships (Fee Waivers) shall be given on the basis of Total Score of Paper 1 & Paper 2. To avail scholarship, Students will have to qualify the minimum cut-off in both the papers as well as qualify the minimum cut-off in each subject (subject total of both papers).

These Rewards enable Students to support their Parents financially even when they are studying in Medical Colleges.

How have we made our Programs perfect for NEET preparation?

96% of FIITJEE Medical students have qualified in NEET since 2017! But our pursuit of excellence drives us to continuously innovate to evolve into a better mentors for our students.

With lot of Research and through discussions with thousands of NEET Qualifiers/Aspirants, we identified the areas where they faced problem/facing problem while preparing for NEET. We worked and found solutions to their problems and incorporated in our system. Most of the institutes in NEET Coaching either don’t have these features or are not effectively implemented.

Personalized Attention

Batches with hundreds of students are a norm in most of the NEET preparatory institutes. Through our interaction with students, we understood the difficulty of the students studying in large batches.

  1. Teachers are unable to monitor the students effectively.
  2. Students find difficulty in asking doubts
  3. Teachers cannot see the working of students
  4. Teachers are unable give any personalized attention to the students
  5. A Lot of disturbance decreases the efficacy of the class.

By making smaller batch sizes and effective training of teachers we have eliminated these problems. Our objective is to cater to a small group of students but creates excellence.

We sincerely advice students to enquire about the batch size of the institute before admission. Most of the students studying in these big sized batches will fail to succeed even if taught by best of the teachers.

Immersive Teaching (Designed for NEET)

The major challenge faced by students preparing for NEET is the lack of proficient teachers. Teaching for NEET requires specific skillsets like

  1. Conceptual teaching rather than superficial teaching as among fact-based questions, many questions of NEET aim to test deep understanding of concepts.
  2. Teaching between the lines to make students realize how questions can be framed from the textbook.
  3. Teaching by interlinking concepts which helps in solving multi-concept-based questions.
  4. Creating concept recall points with anecdotes, mind maps, actual questions of NEET, etc.
  5. Choosing the right set of examples while teaching and many more tips and tricks to maximize performance in NEET.

Most of the NEET coaching Institutes lack qualified teachers. At FIITJEE Medical, teachers are recruited after a rigorous selection and training process.

A concept as a Unit

Our interaction with students showed that in most of the NEET Preparatory institutes, concepts are taught superficially without any focused concept-based assessment. We implemented the Academic Cult Metamorphosis process to ensure that every concept is Learned, Practiced, Tested, and Analysed. Concept-wise tracking helps students to reinforce their weak areas.

Academic cult metamorphosis Increases your Thinking capacity, Learning speed, Retention power, problem-solving speed and Scoring ability. To know more about it check out the Academic Cult Metamorphosis section or meet our counsellors.

Concept Recall

While analyzing the problems faced by students preparing for NEET, we found many students could not answer a question because they could not recall the right concept at the right time. As the syllabus is vast it is difficult for a student to remember everything. But in NEET, the average response time per question is less than 01 minute, including reading time. After a deep thought process, our experts have developed a concept recall framework that helps students to retrieve the right concept at a much faster rate..

Practice Questions

Insufficient and irrelevant practice questions were another problem highlighted by students. We took it on a very serious note and prepared a validated question bank. We made a process to report errors and periodic validations thus, ensuring a very high degree of accuracy. Apart from questions in the study material, we provide students with a tab with topic-wise assignments enabling us to digitally monitor and track students’ progress. Master assignments, Workbooks, NEET & AIPMT archives, etc are some other quality question sources given to the students.

Doubt Removal

Unresolved doubts are the major stumbling blocks in preparation for NEET. We take this activity very seriously. Our smaller batch size helps to cater to individual doubts during the class. Further, regular dedicated doubt removal sessions help the students to effectively clear all their doubts.

Many students who had prepared for NEET with other institutes, told us that they could not clear their doubts on time because of the Big Batch size and limited interaction time of the teachers. We want all NEET aspirants to assess the doubt removal mechanism while choosing the right coaching institute.

Maths for Medical

During our research, we found that NEET aspirants who did not have mathematics in Class XI & XII found the questions of physics & chemistry mathematically difficult. Though mathematics is not tested in NEET, it is essential to overcome the mathematical challenges of physics & chemistry. We have designed our maths for medical specifically to suit the needs of NEET aspirants by concentrating mostly on those concepts which would be useful for them to solve the problems of physics and chemistry. With Maths for Medical, even students without mathematics in XI & XII can easily tackle the mathematical complexities of Physics & Chemistry.

Faculty Care

The student-teacher relationship is a vital element of one’s learning curve. Many students find that their teachers were not approachable. We found that in many NEET Preparatory institutes, the teachers didn’t even know the names of the students owing to the big batch sizes. We made student interaction a part of our faculty training program. Further, student mentoring & deep analysis sessions ensure teachers interact with each student in a one-to-one interaction.

At FIITJEE Medical we ensure that every student is attended by their teacher in one-to-one sessions through mentoring & deep analysis framework. We earnestly request the student and parent to give a deep thought on this while choosing the right coaching for NEET.

Speed and Accuracy

Solving one question per minute can be very challenging, especially when the syllabus is so vast as that of NEET. Students must have a high speed with accuracy in solving the questions. To ensure better time management and give students practice on speed and accuracy we transformed many of our practice questions into timed assignments in digital format. It allows students to do time-bound assignments and keep a check on the time that they are consuming. The tests are designed to ensure that the students get enough practice in the NEET format. Rapid tests help students to improve their speed of solving questions.


ELIGIBILITY Students Presently studying in Class VIII, IX, X & XI
Test Date 22nd & 29th October 2023
Last date to register 19th & 26th October 2023
Registration fee Rs. 500/- (including GST)
For Students presently Enrolled in any FIITJEE Program
(till 30th September 2023)
(from 1st October 2023 till the last date to register)

Test Schedule and Pattern

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Through Big Bang Edge Test, classes for Early Joining Academic Benefits will start from November / December 2022. Usually, these classes are conducted in offline mode but if the situation demands, then these classes will be conducted in Live Online mode.

For Class VIII Students (going to Class IX in 2024)
on joining FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program
NTSE and Olympiad early Classes (to give edge over others), would be conducted. These Classes will ensure that the Student keeps ahead both in terms of knowledge and analytical skills when joined by others in the race.
Preparation of State Level Talent Search Exams (other than NTSE Stage-I) would be done through Mock tests | Concise Study Material (by Megacosm Cognitions).
For Class IX Students (going to Class X in 2024)
on joining FIITJEE Classroom Program
NTSE and Olympiad - early Classes to give edge over others, would be conducted. These Classes will ensure that the student keeps ahead both in terms of knowledge and analytical skills when joined by others in the race.
24/7 accessible Online Test Series for NTSE would be provided. The Test Series is designed to test the student in each concept, both in Test Mode and Self-Paced Learning Mode, hence the students would be able to learn in accordance to their study schedule and ensure a head-start in the preparation of NTSE.
Preparation of State Level Talent Search Exams (other than NTSE Stage-I) would be done through Mock tests | Concise Study Material (by Megacosm Cognitions).
For Class X Students (going to Class XI in 2024)
on joining FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program
Preparation for NTSE Stage-II and Olympiad (Quick Start) would be done through Structured Classes | Mock tests | Concise Study Material (by Megacosm Cognitions).
24/7 accessible Online Test Series for NTSE Stage–II would be provided. The Test Series is designed to test the student in each concept, both in Test Mode and Self-Paced Learning Mode, hence the students would be able to learn in accordance with their immediate need for Stage-II.
For students joining the THIRTY TITAN Batches preparation for NEET will start


Schools can encourage their students to appear in BIG BANG EDGE TEST (Medical). Every School Principal has the exclusive privilege to recommend a maximum of 20 Students (5 Students each from Class VIII, IX, X & XI), and the BIG BANG EDGE TEST (Medical) registration fee will be waived off for these recommended Students. In the case of a very big school, with many talented students, desirous of recommending more than 20 Students, the school should contact the nearest FIITJEE centre in writing. The final discretion, in this case, will remain with the respective FIITJEE Centre Head / Centre Coordinator. The decision will be based on the performance of that school in JEE Advanced, JEE Main, KVPY, Olympiads, SAT & NTSE in the previous years.

Schools & Students can now download the Recommendation Form for BIG BANG EDGE TEST (Medical) & submit it along with the Registration Form for BIG BANG EDGE TEST (Medical).

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Our Results in NEET 2023


NEET Results


AIR - 653

NEET Results


AIR - 1019

NEET Results


AIR - 1689

NEET Results


AIR - 1819

NEET Results

Divyanth Soundararajan

AIR - 3307

NEET Results


AIR - 3936

NEET Results

Shree Durga K R

AIR - 4382

NEET Results

Akilesh Anand

AIR - 4436

NEET Results


AIR - 5971

NEET Results


AIR - 5923

NEET Results

Keertana Subramaniyan

AIR - 5997

NEET Results

Nishant M

AIR - 7681

NEET Results


AIR - 7686

NEET Results


AIR - 8498

NEET Results

Pooja Sivakumar Sadhu

AIR - 8798

NEET Results


AIR - 9643

NEET Results


AIR - 9989

NEET Results


AIR - 11185

NEET Results


AIR - 15367

NEET Results


AIR - 15400

NEET Results


AIR - 16279

NEET Results


AIR - 15854

NEET Results


AIR - 17292

NEET Results

Vedesh V.S

AIR - 18046

NEET Results


AIR - 17785

NEET Results


AIR - 18265

NEET Results

Vishweshwarran V G

AIR - 19784

NEET Results


AIR - 20301

NEET Results


AIR - 20864

NEET Results

Enitha H

AIR - 20772

NEET Results


AIR - 21169

NEET Results


AIR - 21634

NEET Results

Ashya Ashok

AIR - 23573

NEET Results

Shalini Rajkumar

AIR - 25736

NEET Results


AIR - 28115

NEET Results


AIR - 29156

and many more..

Our Results in NEET 2022


NEET Results

Rinit Ravichandran

NEET Score: 695

AIR - 150

NEET Results

K M Prithwinsiibi

NEET Score: 690

AIR - 270

NEET Results

S Anish Sukumar

NEET Score: 690

AIR - 370

NEET Results

Durga Ramesh

NEET Score: 685

AIR - 503

NEET Results

P M Rithvik

NEET Score: 680

AIR - 791

NEET Results

Thiruvengadam B

NEET Score: 675

AIR - 1241

NEET Results

N Satya

NEET Score: 671

AIR - 1400

NEET Results

Tara Ann

NEET Score: 670

AIR - 1495

NEET Results

AR Adhithi

NEET Score: 667

AIR - 1852

NEET Results

Jonathan Mathew John

NEET Score: 650

AIR - 4409

NEET Results

Gokul S

NEET Score: 645

AIR - 5314

NEET Results

Mugilan A

NEET Score: 644

AIR - 5724

NEET Results

Shambavi Annush

NEET Score: 644

AIR - 5816

NEET Results

Shesh K

NEET Score: 640

AIR - 6729

NEET Results

M Monica

NEET Score: 638

AIR - 7172

NEET Results

Akash Subramanian

NEET Score: 637

AIR - 7406

NEET Results

Arun Kumar Duraisamy

NEET Score: 633

AIR - 8548

NEET Results

S Nisha

NEET Score: 632

AIR - 8737

NEET Results

Pankaj Kotadia

NEET Score: 631

AIR - 8836

NEET Results

Neeraj Nagarajan

NEET Score: 631

AIR - 9056

and many more..

Our Results in NEET 2021

NEET Results

Bhuvanesh Ramesh Menon

NEET Score:705
NEET Results

Nithish V B

NEET Score:695
NEET Results

Roshni S

NEET Score:695

NEET Results

Prithvi Thennavan

NEET Score:695
NEET Results

Lakshya Dhadiwal

NEET Score:688
NEET Results

Sakshin S

NEET Score:676
NEET Results

Sudeep Ravi

NEET Score:675

NEET Results

Iniyan R

NEET Score:675
NEET Results

Anirudh Reddy Mummadi

NEET Score:668
NEET Results

Ananditi Singh

NEET Score:664
NEET Results

Ashish Abaraham Fran

NEET Score:659
NEET Results

Shrinidhi Sivasubramaniam

NEET Score:657
NEET Results

Mohammed Aafaaq.A

NEET Score:652
NEET Results

Hemasri Subramani

NEET Score:647
NEET Results

Reem Jahangeer

NEET Score:645
NEET Results

Yashwanth Ganapathy D

NEET Score:642
NEET Results

Mahitha L

NEET Score:636
NEET Results

Vishnu Br

NEET Score:635
NEET Results

Alan Mammen Oommen

NEET Score:634
NEET Results

S K Sibee

NEET Score:627
NEET Results

G Sharon Agnes

NEET Score:625
NEET Results

Swarna Palaniappan

NEET Score:624
NEET Results

Ranjitha Srinivasan

NEET Score:623
NEET Results

Aswin Raj S

NEET Score:622
NEET Results

Lasya Priya Guggilam

NEET Score:612
NEET Results


NEET Score:607
NEET Results

Dinesh K

NEET Score:605
NEET Results

Adav Visshnu N

NEET Score:592
NEET Results

Akhshetha R

NEET Score:587
NEET Results

Santhosh S

NEET Score:585
NEET Results

Vishwanath S

NEET Score:581
NEET Results

Hamanth Sencha D

NEET Score:580
NEET Results

Shivitha N

NEET Score:576
NEET Results

Aniruddha S

NEET Score:564
NEET Results

Shanthuni J

NEET Score:563
NEET Results

Girish Raja

NEET Score:561
NEET Results

S Shivasurya

NEET Score:558
NEET Results

K Manishwar

NEET Score:554
NEET Results

Nethrra Devi

NEET Score:554

and many more..