To provide the NEET aspirants a platform to assess their preparedness on a regular basis and map it with thousands of their peers nationally. Further, to give the students deep insight of their mistakes and help them take timely corrective measures.


Preparing well for NEET is one thing and transforming the knowledge & skills into success on the D-day is another. Many Students are not able to adopt the right approach and proper examination temperament, as they do not have the right feedback on their preparation. FIITJEE MEDICAL TEST SERIES will teach the students how not to fail. It is an opportunity for them to ensure that they convert their skills into success on the NEET day.

These tests are designed to test the student’s preparedness and give the right feedback to plug in the loopholes at the right time. Further, this will help the Students to realize:

  • Correlation between percentage of marks attempted & marks obtained.
  • Silly mistakes, which could have been avoided.
  • Psychological temperament required to perform optimally in the exam.

Testing Opportunities with FIITJEE Medical Test Series

Salient Features of All India FIITJEE Medical Test Series, All India Integrated FIITJEE Medical Test Series and All India FIITJEE Medical Tapasya Test Series

Prepares for any difficulty level Experience NEET Multiple times before the actual NEET Researched & Handpicked Questions In depth Analysis Report
Level of difficulty in the tests is changed strategically to prepare Students for all types of papers - very difficult to relatively easy ones. Tests designed with care to plug the loop- holes well before NEET. Multiple practice enhances exam temperament. The question paper is made by panel of R&D experts after mapping previous year NEET paper trends All test takers will receive Detailed solutions along with question wise and concept-wise detailed analysis, with curated feedbacks on mistakes and suggested corrective measures.

Test Analysis & Concept Strengthening Session Compete at All India level Systematic Test Structure Map you Progress with FIITJEE’s GOLD Methodology
Each test will be followed by a live session, where our experts will dissect the paper, highlighting possible areas of mistake and review the difficult concepts involved in the question paper Compete and compare yourself with your peers at national level. Test are divided into Part tests, cumulative tests and full tests thus giving students multiple practice at varied load. FIITJEE’s Goal Oriented Learning and Development (GOLD) Methodology is unique in mapping one’s performance to their Goal with each test.