NEET Assessment Test for Admission

For Students studying in class IX, X & XI

On 23rd May 2021 & 13th June 2021

Take the Assessment Test for Admission on any one of these days as per your convenience from your home (Test will be conducted in proctored online mode)

Registration Fee for the Test: Rs. 50/- (including GST) | Last date to Register: Two days before the Test

Limited seats are available | Students of class IX, X & XI will be required to pay a token enrolment fee of Rs. 1000/- only | Selected Students of Class IX, X & XI are required to have their own tablet of desired specification & pay MDM Fee to our technology partner (Edfora)

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Class Program Goals
IX Four Year Classroom Program for NEET 2025 ✔️ The long-term goal of these programs is to help each & every student get an optimum Rank in NEET.
✔️ Besides this, students will be holistically trained to ace scholastic exams like NTSE, KVPY, Jr. & Sr. Olympiads etc.
✔️ These four / three years of intensive Classroom preparation works like ambrosia even in X & XII Board Exams.
Optima- Four Year INTEGRATED Classroom Program for X & XII BOARDS and NEET 2025
X Three Year Live Online Classroom Program for JEE Main & Advanced 2024
XI PACEMAKER - Two Year Classroom Program for NEET 2023 ✔️ The long-term focus of these transformational programs is to enhance your analytical, logical & thinking ability, and enhance your ability to recall, which will empower you to not only achieve best possible ranks in NEET but also attain phenomenal success in XII Boards, Olympiads & KVPY.
ZENITH- Two Year INTEGRATED Classroom Program for X & XII BOARDS and NEET 2023
XII One Year Classroom Program for NEET 2022 ✔️ Significant improvement in just one year in your preparation, which will have positive impact in helping you get into an IIT with a desired Rank. You may be able to improve your NEET Rank from below 5000 to Top 100. That’s not all, this rigorous preparation will equip you to give a par-excellence performance in XII Boards too.